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See the things that others don’t.

Hardcore market intelligence for commercial real estate, now easier than ever.

How it works


See everything and eliminate blindspots by easily accessing open data, premium datasets, and importing internal ‘house’ data - all through one simple platform!


Play with data on your own terms through self-directed discovery, map scenarios, research, and test ideas faster than ever.


Share and empower your insights with handy collaboration and visualisation tools, drag-and-drop templates and other features designed to be used by anyone in the team.

Think outside the dataset

Unseen reimagines the way the world interacts with data, making it more open, on demand, template-driven, secure and simpler to use than ever before.

Unseen for Real Estate

Investment Management

Build a strong capital allocation strategy. Grow Funds under Management. Maximise total returns. Optimise and automate reporting.


Track every expiry in every building. Predict tenant growth and movement patterns. Negotiate the best terms. Minimise downtime.

Asset Management

Use real time data in your asset strategies. Optimise capex spend. Run large-scale scenario planning.


Scan every asset in the market. Evaluate everything. Find overlooked, off-market and opportunistic deals.


Adapt to the new ways of working. Use live sensor and customer data to understand how tenants want to use space.

Unseen is unlike any other data and analytics engine, with features tailored to make your life easier, make insights more actionable and empower your ideas - whether you’re in a large enterprise, data provider, or specialist consultant.

“This is industry changing.”

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CRE Data Provider

“You've shown me things today I thought were impossible.”

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CRE General Manager

“We have complete trust in the data. We can clearly see where its come from and how its being manipulated and can adapt charts, looking for new insights in real time”

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CRE Research Analyst

“Since using Unseen, we have significantly moved the needle on gaining a competitive edge.”

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CRE GM Research

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